How do I leave money to the Green in my Will?

It's easy to include the Green in your will, but you should always consult a professional such as a solicitor or financial adviser to be sure your will reflects your exact intentions and you understand tax implications.

Before you call your adviser, take a few minutes to clear your thoughts and decide exactly what you want to do. Ask yourself...

What have I got to leave? If you own your home, how much is it worth? Have you any savings or investments? Valuables? Jewelry?

Who do I want to help? Of course you must make provision for your family, friends and pets first. Make a list of their full names and addresses.

Who else has made a difference to my life? Which causes have been important to you? Which appeals have really moved you? Has the Green helped you, or someone you love? Make a note of our official Charity name, (Uckfield Millennium Green) address (c/o The Treasurer, Jasmine Cottage, Highlands Avenue, Uckfield, East Sussex and registered Charity number (1069936).

Inheritance tax. Any gift, however large or small, will help to ensure the Green remains an open space to enjoy however, a gift to the Green could also reduce your inheritance tax. A gift made to a charity, like the Green, is free from inheritance tax. Such gifts are deducted from your estate before inheritance tax is calculated. so, if these gifts bring the value of your estate below the threashold level, it should not be liable for any inheritance tax.

- If you already have a will and a solicitor, click here.

- If you have a solicitor but no will, click here.