How do I change my will?

It's easy to add the Trust to an existing will - just speak to your solicitor. In fact, it's a good idea to check and update your will regularly anyway, as you may want to include new children or grandchildren. And if there has been a divorce or death in the family it could mean your old will is invalid.

What if my will doesn't need updating? If your will is still accurate and up to date, your solicitor can simply add a new section mentioning the Green. He or she should be happy to help with this .

What should I leave? You could leave money, an item of value (e.g. jewellery, property or shares), or the 'residue' - what's left after you've provided for your close relatives and friends. Including a charity in this way is particularly valuable as it keeps pace with inflation.

It's often a good idea to specify a proportion rather than an actual amount, as it's very difficult to predict what your estate will be worth or how much you'll need for yourself and your dependants in the meantime. Rest assured, whatever you can afford will be gratefully received and will make a real difference to the future work of the Green.

Do I need to let the Green know? Wills are private, and you may not want anyone to know what's in yours. However, if you're happy to tell us we will be delighted to hear you're supporting our future work, and it doesn't place you under any obligation. Anything you say will be treated in strictest confidence.