Sharegift, the charity share donation scheme, exists to make it easy for you to give any number of shares to the Uckfield Millennium Green. They specialise in accepting small holdings of shares, even those of little value. By collecting these small holdings of shares they can minimise the dealing costs and sell them en-masse; the proceeds from the larger sale are then used to make the donation to the Green.

Donating is easy. Simply send your share certificates, with a covering letter specifying that the donation is for the Uckfield Millennium Green, to: -


46 Grosvenor Street



ShareGift will then send you a simple transfer form to sign, it's as simple as that. Please donate your small value shares to the Uckfield Millennium Green Trust, Charity number 1069936.

If you also complete a Gift Aid form and send that to us direct, the value of the gift increases by 28p in the pound. (click here for further details)

For more information visit