The internment of Human Ashes

We have received numerous requests to intern ashes on the Green from relatives of deceased visitors who enjoyed the Green when they were alive. We are not a Garden of Remembrance however, we are willing to accommodate such requests provided they follow agreed guidelines set out in our Policy on this issue.

The Uckfield Millennium Green is an open space for community use. It is less formal than a park, and areas are left to grow wild to be a haven for wild life. Only native species of plants and trees have been planted to ensure it meets criteria set out by the Countryside Agency and to blend into the local Wealden countryside. The Green is owned by a community-based charity and the people, who run the Charity, the Trustees, are bound by the terms set out in the Trust Deed.

Our Policy is to reserve the area called "The Apostles" for human ashes to be scattered. No signs or notices will be allowed in this area to mark this internment but instead a page will be reserved in a Book of Remembrance that will be held by the Secretary of the Trust. This page will be issued to the family of the deceased to allow them to mark the occasion with their own personal messages. Once the page is returned it will be incorporated into the Book of Remembrance and a copy of that page will be returned to the family for their records. This book will be available for inspection at the Annual General Meeting of the Uckfield Millennium Green and upon other reasonable notices of request to the Secretary of the Trust.

No other plants or trees shall be erected on the Green without the express permission of the Trustees.

If you would like to make us of this service, please contact the Secretary of the Trust by e-mail at

To help maintain the Green, a minimum donation of 30 is requested. If you could complete a Gift Aid form with the donation it does enable us to claim additional funding from the Tax Authorities. (Click here for further details).

Please note that this area is only reserved for Human ashes. If you wish to scatter the ashes from a four legged visitor to the Green please contact us by e-mail at