Gift Aid

Gift Aid (that replaces relief under Deed of Covenant) is a welcome source of income currently amounting to 28p in the . Taxpayers who pay an amount of Income Tax equal to the tax the Trust can reclaim, are encouraged to complete the Gift Aid declaration. It can be cancelled at any time and does not require to be witnessed.

Please print this page and send back to us

Gift Aid Declaration

I hereby wish that all annual payments and donations made to Uckfield Millennium Green be treated as Gift Aid donations on which the Trust as a registered charity may reclaim tax.

I affirm that I pay in income tax or capital gains tax an amount equal to or in excess of the amount the Trust is able to reclaim and undertake to inform the Trust should such payments to the Inland Revenue fall below this figure or cease.

I understand that this declaration can be cancelled by me at any time.

Signed ............... Date ...................

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