Disused Clay Pit - Pit 1 (SNCI)



The Easterly pit (sometimes known as Pit 1), is designated an SNCI and does have interesting flora and forna. It is, however a very delicate environment that was excluded from the initial work plan and remains, at present, a closed environment.

Unfortunately this closed environment does have two sides to it. On the one hand it has allowed the delicate environment to survive however it has also allowed the more invasive, pioneer species, such as silver birch, willow and sycamore to become established. Unless controlled these invaders will change the ecology of the pit area.

As part of our three year project planning we are aiming to establish a suitable path through the area, with strategically placed information boards to highlight particular areas. The existing barbed wire fences would be removed where possible and a post and wire fence established erected against a backdrop of prickly hedging to protect the Pit against intrusive access. Although our plans aim for the work to start in 2005/6, all such plans do rely on adequate finance being available.